pazuzu24 asked: My reaction to "Bus Stop Romp": Oh my god. OH. MY. GOD. How on earth do you make something so ridiculously fun and sexy out of such a simple scenario? Good god, I love being your fan.

Well, you know, it’s all in the wrists my good fellow, it’s all in the wrists. And the mind. Okay, particularly the mind. I… I’ve got a really dirty, dirty mind. It helps. Also? Helps when the commissioner themselves are as equally creative and perverted.

Anonymous asked: Will you make more Gohan and Bulma pictures?

Will I! I mean… yes.

Anonymous asked: quote:(you draw great hips and hair on front side.) by frontal hair i meant pubic hair, i didnt wrote straight away cause i dint wanted u to hate my post as u r a girl so i hesitated. so thats it, ur characters got good pubic hairs.

I will admit I find this specific question to be both funny and utterly adorable. It’s just too cute!

Anyway! Thanks for being willing to explain things. I am a woman, yes, but that doesn’t mean I’ll dislike or hate a post/question for asking about the “front sexiness” on a woman, particularly the pubic area! Nothing wrong or weird about that! Whether you’re a woman or man. We should all feel comfortable talking about hair! Particularly in the pubic area. Pubic hair. You get the point.

p.s. No really, it’s just too hard to suppress a smile here! Soooo cute!

Anonymous asked: another hippssy butt comic. nice work

A woman just ain’t a woman without some nice, wide, sexy hips and a gorgeous booty, amirite?

Anonymous asked: You Speak Spanish?

qué? No. No I don’t. But I wish I did! I think it’s an awesome language!

Anonymous asked: Hey Glassfish! I'm following your work a really long time ago but indirectly, I mean I only found this site 2-3 months ago. But ever since the beginning I still think that your work is simply amazing and thank you so much for doing them! For me theres only 1 minor problem, that sometimes the girls are too big and looks chubby. In your latest for (Bus stop) it looks so much better with perfect sizing. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this stuff and wishing you all the best!

Happy to know you’ve followed me a while! Thanks! And I’m glad you like the latest comic! I like how the characters appeared in there too.

I have to say that I happen to quite like thick/curvy gals! And they’re definitely the type I’d draw the majority of the time. I respect if you don’t dig every gal I draw up as such though. But even if they’re not always similar to the type you see in Bus Stop Romp, I hope you’ll (continue to) find something to like nonetheless.

Here’s another short comic, “Bus Stop Romp” as I like to call it, featuring Yuna from the Negima series and an obviously lucky lad.

There’s more than one way to kill time! ;)

slicerness asked: Writing over the internet without coming off as snide or sarcastic is difficult. I apologize if the messages sounded that way due to wording, I am legitimately asking this due to a long standing curiosity and the desire to share my opinion on the matter, since it's been my only real nitpick with your art since I became a fan who knows how many months ago.

I didn’t take any offense or major issue with what you wrote. Besides, I like to read opinions of all kinds, even those critical of me or my art. That being said, I hope you too will similarly respect my thoughts on the matter as much I have yours.

p.s. Despite any differences of opinion between us I’m glad to have you as a fan.

slicerness asked: Oh no, I didn't intend for that to come off as more size = more pleasure, at least not to a huge degree, but your shotas are definitely on the smaller extreme end of the scale when it comes to size. The suspension of disbelief gets strained as is because it's hard to imagine they would even be able to thrust without popping free every time. Having them be two, maybe three times bigger, well within normal human sizes and not too big for their bodies at all, would change that.

Not to contradict myself here, as I do believe that packages of all types and lengths can provide plenty of pleasure, but these are also comics. Fantasies.

You may think it strains the imagination to imagine a woman enjoying a more fun-sized package, that that package can be used effectively, but that’s the power of comics! Because despite what you think or imagine to be true in that space… in that comic that woman is damn well enjoying each and every thrust. Believe you me!

slicerness asked: Why do you draw your shotas... well I hesitate to use the description 'realistically endowed', but that's all I can think up. Wouldn't it offer more freedom for positions and make it actually believable when the shota's give them a very pleasing lay if they were bigger? or is that all part of the fetish that motivates the drawing in the first place?

In terms of freedom of position, I don’t think it makes much of a difference either way. And I should know, I’ve drawn larger fellows plenty before and it’s provided the same challenge as that of a piece with smaller fellows.

And why should only a big package = pleasure? Don’t get me wrong I’m not against a nice, large cock (really!), but… since when does pleasure only come in large packages? I think it’s plenty believable that a sexy, curvy gal (and any gal!) can enjoy the pleasures of a cock of any size and shape and length.

It’s more like the old saying goes: it’s not what you have but how you use it.